The McDowell Brothers

by Mason McDowell

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An 4-song demo of original music, recorded in 2011 at Orbital Sound in Hamilton, NY.


released August 5, 2011

Recorded at Orbital Sound
Engineered by James Wunderlich

Mason McDowell - Keyboard/Vocals/Backing Vocals
Taylor McDowell - Drums
Lauren Mettler - Guitar/Backing Vocals



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Mason McDowell New York

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(315) 750-6026

With a toe-tapping and heartwarming old-timey charm, Mason McDowell's vibrant original repertoire displays textures from old school R&B to Musical Theatre. The genuine messages embedded in his songs are carried by an inventive musical sensibility and delivered by a rich and rangeful voice.
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Track Name: The Mask
Every day I live I put on someone else's face
A superficial mask I hide behind.
All my friends who know this mask see nothing out of place.
If they'd look beyond my lies, there's something they would find...

From the ones I love I've taken trust I don't deserve
The me they know? A paper-thin design
I would show them who they trust, but do I have the nerve?
Can I bear the loss of what was never really mine?

This mask that I bear
Wears me to the bone
But If you are there
At least to one I will be truly known

Someday in the future I will look back on the past
The mask I wore - a faded memory
But in the present I must live until I'm free at last
But when I'm free will you still be waiting there for me?
Track Name: Dark Clouds
Dark clouds on the horizon
Approaching steadily
They come, we know the reason
But if we shut our minds we'll stay duty-free

The storm will be coming
Though we say nothing's wrong
But I know I won't be cowering
Behind a curtain of denial, I'll be strong

How can we say the fault is not ours
And hope everything will be right
Our problems won't be solved by other powers
Only we can cure ourselves of our plight

They tell me to lay low
And the storm may pass on by
They won't sell me with the truths they know
The more we avoid this the more we'll cry

How can we say the fault is not ours
And hope everything will be right
Our problems won't be solved by other powers
Only we can cure this self-inflicted plight

The storm is now among us
We seem trapped in eternal night
Our looming future will be our impetus
To carve in the darkness, a beam of light.
Track Name: Empty
Funny how someone will say
They're on your side, they will not leave it,
Come what may

So you got a friend, meet once or twice a week,
Talk and talk 'bout things you like,
But never really speak

Life is so empty
With friends who are part-time
Life without a friend that's true
Is poetry without a rhyme

Then trouble starts, and things look bad
You turn to your friend, lookin' for help,
But you were just another fad

Quickly they'll say, 'We're friends', I've learned,
Then just as fast they'll turn their back,
Behind them all bridges burned

I am so empty
Though I may say I'm just fine
With nowhere to place my trust
I'm drowning without a lifeline

And then I was pulled out of the fray
By someone who lived by her heart
And not by some cliche'

She smiled at me and said my name
And I knew from that point on that life
Would never be the same

Life was so empty
But now it feels complete
I just needed someone who could
Get me on my feet

I was so empty
But now I feel complete
I just needed someone who could
Get me on my feet
Track Name: Brother, I'll Protect You
Back when we were small
You were left alone
To wander gravel drives
In search of helping hands to hold

Deaf to papa's call
You left your comfort zone
You left the gravel drive
And there you stood in the world so alone

But Papa will protect you as best as he can
For he knows you need him so
But has Papa ever told you, now you may be surprised,
That he needs you just as bad

Mama drove away
You thought she'd gone for good
You tried to chase the car
But you were much too small to see

She'd return that day
You hadn't understood
You couldn't see her face
But somehow you still could feel her soft embrace

Yes, and Mama will protect you
As best as she can
For she knows you need her so
But has Mama ever told you
Now you may be surprised
That she needs you just as bad

A stranger traveling by
Saw you there alone
He took you by his side
And up the gravel drive you'd go

Papa held you close
Mama cried tears of joy
And brother, I could see
That we as one made the home where you'd always be

Yes, and brother I'll protect you
As best as I can
For I know you need me so
But brother have I told you
Now you may be surprised
That I need you just as bad